Trust us to offer top-quality products like Floor Protection Foam, Air Bubble Aluminium Foil, Thermal Insulation Sheet, etc.
We CDO Impex private limited are a reputable manufacturer and supplier which was established in the Year 2018 and have since introduced a diverse range of products to the market for construction applications to the market. Every product in our inventory comprising of Floor Protection Sheet, Xlpe Insulation Aluminium Foil, Insulator Reflector Sheet, Floor Protector Sheet Acoustic, Insulation Sheet, Air Bubble Aluminium Foil, etc., is Manufactured using high-quality raw material which are supplied from reliable market vendors. We also offer Backer Rod, Rockwool Insulation Slab, Ceramic Fibre Blanked, Rockwool Insulation, Rock Wool Mattress, Exfoliated Vermiculite, Cidomlite, Light Weight Filling Material, and other products. Our entire product range distinguishes out due to its premium quality and more significantly reasonable pricing .such distinguishing attributes of our products have increased their popularity among qualityconscious customers of the market .In addition, we are committed to ensuring that our products meet the highest quality standards before being delivered to the clients.

Our Team

A fantastic team that efficiently organizes all the operations has been the major support of our company. Our team is made up of a variety of highly skilled professionals that have a thorough understanding of the industry. In addition, our team focuses on the following factors:

  • They carry out in-depth market research so that we may enhance our product range on a regular basis.
  • They maintain a continuos production line, allowing us to efficiently satisfy the rising market needs.
  • They ensure that all manufactured products meet the highest standards of quality.
  • They place a strong focus on fully comprehending the client requirements in order to provide the best solutions.
  • They make sure to complete customer orders as promptly as they can.

Emphasis On Quality

Quality is of the utmost importance to us and this is shown in the exceptional range of products we provide. Our whole product line, which includes Xlpe Insulation Aluminium Foil, Floor Protector Roll, Air Bubble Aluminium Foil, Floor Protection Sheet, Insulator Reflector Sheet, etc., is processed using only the finest quality raw materials. To ensure that every manufactured product complies with the highest quality standards. All the products are packed in good quality materials so that they arrive to the destinations of clients in pristine condition. We have an expert team which maintains the best quality levels in all the operations. Overall, our emphasis on quality has enabled us to provide the best products to the clients. 
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